• 08.30pm – Tuesday to Saturday
  • Sensorium | Via Crocefisso 2, Milan, Italy
  • 1hr 45mins ca.

Contact is the new emotional and gastronomic journey of Sensorium, the home of chef Federico Rottigni. With “Contact”, diners will embark on a thrilling journey through space to discover a planet never before reached. On board the ship bound for planet Zaphus, diners will experience a unique nine-course culinary adventure accompanied by drink pairings of mixology, wine, fermented and air.

During the journey, you will be able to taste “alien” flavors such as Synthetic Pata Negra, 3D printed chicken kebab and fish cellulose tartare. The pairing proposal between dish and glass is an integral part of the experience: not just an intellectual game, but a real pleasure for the senses that will leave you satisfied.

Pricing & Drink Options

Contact Courses Menu


Alcohol Free Pairing


Alcoholic Drink Pairing


How It Works

Pick the date from our booking page and the amount of people you would like to book for the contact dining experience.

In order to complete your booking, we will also ask for you to provide card details however you will not be charged immediately, the full amount will be deducted on the day of arrival with payment method of your choice.

On the day of your booking please try to arrive at least 10 minutes before the start (08.20pm), doors will remain open until 08.40pm at which time they will be closed and you will unfortunately not be able to access the venue.

You can cancel up to 48 hours before the start time and date of your booking, and in the event of a late cancellation there will be a charge of €100.

Please see our terms and conditions for more information on fees.

The Menu

9 Courses “Space” Food Menu

(Vegeterian option available. If needed, please indicate it in the notes during the booking process)

Sichuan button flower bubble

Nixtamilized corn Koji, Mould, Birds jus, Tarragon

Synthetic Pata Negra

Cooked Risotto, Cellulose “umbrine” tartare

Shiitake and Enoki mushrooms, Butter, Coffee, Vinegar

Local organic “3D Printed” Chicken Kebab, Cashew nuts Mayo

Yogurt, Spicy “Nduja” Salame, Green Shiso, Rhubarb, Burned Pineapple

Tonka Bean, Milk, Umeboshi Plums

Durum wheat Pasta, Mountain Butter, Bee pollen Garum, Dill oil